In a region rich with the heritage of American manufacturing, Milwaukee stands out as a nationwide leader in precision manufacturing, mining machinery, monorails, and so much more. And when these acclaimed local manufacturers need high-quality control and automation solutions, they turn to Kelburn Engineering Company! Since 1932, our engineer-owned and operated company has improved the systems and processes of countless manufacturers across Milwaukee and the Midwest. From environmental engineering to packaging and material handling, our team is equipped to solve the most pressing problems of any industrial application.

Milwaukee Manufacturing Equipment

With over 80 years of experience in automation and industrial control, we have deep industry knowledge and are committed to providing full solutions—not just single applications. Whether you’re looking for pump monitoring for a water treatment facility or enhanced communications in a food and beverage plant, our highly technical staff will work with you to design and install the perfect set of controls, motors, and sensors. Learn more about our extensive expertise in Milwaukee automation and system control:

  • Industrial Controls: We’ll collaborate with your engineering team to optimize your system’s industrial controls, from sensors and counters to PLCs and signal conditioning.
  • Process & Level Controls: With our state-of-the-art process controllers and indicators, you can monitor the most critical liquid and gas measures like level, density, temperature, and pH.
  • Communication: Improve the efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness of your manufacturing or production processes with advanced communication I/O modules and SCADA remote terminals.
  • Motion: Let our engineering experts install the right motors, drives, and precision motion control for your industrial application.

For the most conscientious service and competitive pricing on controls, motors, and sensors in Milwaukee, give Kelburn Engineering Company a call today! From the very beginning, you’ll see why our skilled staff is appreciated by local manufacturers of all sizes and industries. To begin with a free consultation and project estimate, fill out our quick online form now!

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This company is extremely reliable and efficient. Work done in a timely manner.