Distributed I/O

A centralized measurement and control system is a vital tool needed to ensure the seamless operation of large systems and complex processes. Pooling data into that single location, however, is nothing short of a logistical, time-consuming nightmare. At Kelburn Engineering Company, we have your ideal solution!

Our Acromag distributed I/O modules are multifunctional and scalable systems engineered for distributed automation. Perfect for control cabinets, machines, and hazardous areas, each of these products can be integrated into your current system using either Modbus or Profibus. Save time and space while increasing productivity with our powerful distributed I/O products.

Distributed I/O Modules

As a company owned and operated by engineers, we are committed to providing quality solutions that provide unrivaled value. Offering 100+ modules that interface with a vast array of voltage, current, and strain measuring devices, Acromag’s distributed I/O systems are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing processes. These cost-effective solutions are made even more versatile by adding an Acromag Ethernet remote for a direct connection.

Our distributed I/O modules provide numerous advantages, including:

  • Up to 0.05% accuracy and 130db CMR
  • 1500Vac isolation channel-to-channel and field-to-host
  • Vibration and shock-resistant without screws
  • Several 175 I/O modules with Bluetooth wireless capability
  • User-configurable I/O ranges with smartphone or other devices
  • Input polling with trend charts for IOS and Android apps
  • Alarm output function with deadband and setpoint
  • Cost-saving commercial grade versions

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