Remote I/O Modules

As industrial processes become more complex, traditional I/O modules are no longer sufficient to meet many monitoring and control needs. For a system that’s safer, more efficient, and more adaptable, consider remote I/O modules installed by Kelburn Engineering Company. Since 1932, we’ve helped manufacturers across the Midwest improve their industrial process control and automation with a range of custom-built communication systems. Whether you need large-scale facility monitoring or oil and gas transportation, we have the high-quality equipment and engineering expertise to build a wireless I/O system that works for you.

Industrial I/O Modules

At Kelburn Engineering Company, we believe in offering communication solutions that bring real value to manufacturers of all trades, from industrial packaging to municipal water and waste control. With a highly technical and qualified staff, we can work directly with your engineering team to effectively configure remote I/O modules based on your industry needs and existing system design.

Learn more about the benefits of wireless and Ethernet I/O modules from Kelburn Engineering Company:

  • Wireless I/O modules are safe to use in explosion-prone, underwater, or otherwise dangerous areas. For real-time data acquisition, we can also install SCADA remote terminal units.
  • Because fewer cables are needed to link our remote I/O modules to the control system, less time is needed for installation and maintenance.
  • Our wireless I/O modules can be configured to support Ethernet, Modbus, and Profibus protocols, ensuring streamlined integration with legacy systems as well as flexibility for future alterations.
  • Because we offer post-sale support, you can depend on the long-lasting quality of our machine and process control solutions.

When it comes to process automation and controls for your complex industrial system, don’t trust just anyone—work with a company that’s been owned and operated by engineers for over 80 years! Give Kelburn Engineering Company a call to learn more about our wireless and Ethernet I/O modules, or fill out our quick online form to request your free systems consultation and cost estimate.

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